Oct 13

Grateful Thanks



Secure encription

To: The Officer Commanding

Bretonian Armed Forces

New Windsor

From: Papillion, Pilot Commanding The Firefly



Myself and my crew are eternally grateful for the very kind intervention and assistance your patrols afforded my ship and passengers recently when we were subjected to attack by GRN forces.

The rapid and well organised aid both medical and mechanical prevented further loss of life and for that we are deeply indebted to the BAF.


Thank you and God Bless Bretonia.


New Posts
  • To: The First Minister The Government of The Council: Planet Toulouse From: Foreign Relations Ministry, Bretonian Government New London Sirs Diplomatic activities between our nations has been somewhat limited during recent months and for this we are deeply apologetic. We have much to discuss in order to rectify such omissions. However, that is not the purpose of this letter which is to inform you of a recent event involving one of our BAF patrols. While on the fringes of their patrol area (location withheld for security reasons) they came across a vessel, Firefly class, with the code name Papillion. This vessel appeared to be in great difficulty with obvious damage to its hull with limited life support system operable. Our intelligence department, The BIS, had intercepted GRN messages describing both this ship and its pilot as a terrorist and smuggler therefore we approached it with caution. To our great surprise we discovered that the vessel contained many refugees from Gallia. Many had a variety of injuries and unfortunately, some fatalities. As we did not discover any substantial weaponry or contraband, we catalogued this vessel as a humanitarian smuggling operation which posed no terrorist or hostile threat to anyone. Complying with the Charter of Bretonia we applied extensive aid to the refugees, crew and the ship itself. We were privileged to hear and log accounts of the plight of these refugees and the heroic action of Papillion and the Firefly crew. Also, the hospitality that The Council offers each and all of the refugees that have made the dangerous passage to a safe haven. This experience was brought to the attention of Her Majesty, who has instructed this Government, to assist The Council and the BGS, in any way that is practical, in the relief and humanitarian operations in the evacuation and resettling of refugees from Gallia’s systems including the offer of asylum to those who would wish to resettle in Bretonia. However, we add the caveat that BAF warships would not enter Gallia systems in such operations unless they were part of a combined military offensive against the crown of Gallia. We are also prepared to assist you, The Council, in any relief and humanitarian aid commodities that you may find yourselves in need of. To assist in this we reaffirm the right of any Council Civilian Vessel free right of access to all of Bretonian space and systems. Military vessel access remains unchanged in that they also have right of passage through Bretonia but are only permitted to dock at Bretonian Military Bases unless prior authority has been granted. Planet New London is now an exception to this rule as we are aware that your VIPs only travel on military transport for security reasons and we welcome such visits to New London at any time. We offer this as a treaty between our nations for the greater good for humanity and our common interests for your comments and approval. Signed On behalf of the Prime Minister of Bretonia I Remain Sir P.T. Phillips Foreign Relations Minister Government of Bretonia
  • To: Fleet Admiral Aaron Karo, Battlestar Thrace, CRM From: Grand Admiral Gaelon o'Donnell, RMCS Hyperion, RMC Subject: Gallic Conflict Admiral, it has been far too long, I do not believe we have spoken directly since you departed for Coronado, seems like a lifetime ago now... hah.. In a way I suppose it was. I wish this were under better circumstances, however as you are more than aware, desperate times call for.. very desperate measures. I have heard yourself and your fleets have been engaging Gallic forces as they encroach on your borders, and I am here to offer our support. We will be coordinating with the Bretonian Armed Forces for the first time to truly strike back at the Gallic forces that threaten yourselves and, quite frankly, all of Sirius as we know it. We will dispatch two full battlegroups to the conflict. Alpha, under my command, and by extension Hyperion, will directly assist Bretonian forces and establish a forward operating base in the Leeds system, while Omega will move to Coronado and assist your own forces. It will be under the command of Master Admiral Grant Tycho.. figured a friendly face would not hurt in the slightest. We.. I look forward to working with you again.. been a long time since Omega 49, and it's an honour to serve with you again, sir. Best Regards, Cpt. Gaelon o'Donnell, 351st squadron "Heaven's Devils", Crayter Republic Grand Admiral o'Donnell, Battlegroup Alpha, 1st squadron "Heaven's Devils", RMC Just like old times.
  • The Officer Commanding The Bretonian Armed Forces (BAF), His Officers and Men recognise The Crayter Republic. On behalf of Her Majesty's Government all Crayter Republic Vessels and those of the RMC are granted safe passage through Bretonian Space.