Fair play, a level head and consideration for others are paramount. The rules are not a sword or shield to be used for or against someone, but to ensure that the server environment has structure and allows everyone to have fun.

-- Administrators are obliged:

∙ To develop and safeguard the health of the Freelancer Warzone community, server and forums.
∙ To be fair and treat all players equally, independent of their level, faction alignment, history, anything.
∙ To provide a fun and relaxing server to those who still play this awesome game.



1) ∙ Not allowed on Warzone forum or server:

1.1 Abusive, political, racist, graphic, and law-violating materials,
1.2 Flaming, insulting and harassing other players,
1.3 Metagaming or powergaming,
1.4 Everything must be in understandable English,
1.5 No ponies, furries, or other similar 'things', we are people, not animals.



2) ∙ Not allowed on Freelancer Warzone:

2.1 Excessive swearing and insulting outside of Roleplay, or insulting others. (If you had a bad day and just want to cool down, then it's okay as long as you are not taking it off on other players.)
2.2 Attacking POBs (Player-owned Bases) without Roleplay/Declaration or the approval of the owner.
2.3 Attacking other players without letting them know of your actions. Players must be given reasonable time (30+ seconds) to react to hostilities. However, players can be attacked in the following scenario even without Roleplay:

∙ When they attack first by draining the shield down to 75% or fire multiple cruise disruptors.
∙ Are at the scene of a battle and refuse to leave when told to leave.
∙ Possess any Codename weapon, Derelict Nomad Artifacts, Nomad Power Cells or Scientific Data.
∙ Are considered an enemy of your current faction (ID and IFF).
∙ Deliberately attacking a Player Owned Base.

2.4 Attacking people in Connecticut, without their express permission.
2.5 Having more than 1 ID per Tag.

3) ∙ Freelancer Warzone PVP rules:

3.1 All players are allowed to re-engage at any given time, except during events that explicitly state them.
3.2 Piracy demands should be reasonable and only one monetary or cargo demand can be issued during each piracy interaction.
3.3 Wild/Nomads are allowed to be engaged by all non-nomad IDs regardless of engagement rights except for the Neutral and Recruit IDs.
3.4 Connecticut rules - players can only be attacked/destroyed if they agree to a duel beforehand, interfere with another duel, or when they talk shit.

4) ∙ Cheating and Exploits - Modifying your Freelancer installation in any way or using third-party tools in order to gain advantage over other players is strictly forbidden and will result in removal of ingame credits or deletion of assets. This also includes specific cases such as:

4.1 Running the game with uncapped framerate that exceeds 155fps. Computers running uncapped framerate must use a third party program to limit the FPS to below 155.
4.2 Using cruise disruptors or missiles in order to track a ship that has successfully cloaked away during an rp interaction.
4.3 Exploiting game problems to your advantage while being fully aware that it is a problem, and not reporting it to administrators for your own sake. (like the Boron incident after the first update)
4.4 Suicide Trading. If players are caught doing it, every character involved in the trading will be deleted, no refunds.
4.5 Using non-warzone approved mods other than texture packs. (list of not allowed mods include things that increase cruise speeds, change properties of ships or equipment, or anything that is otherwise not provided for the players.)
4.6 Creating characters for the sole reason to sell their equipment for quick credit gain - this is one of those rules that if broken, will be harshly punished. Just keep character creation/deletion within a time range that makes sense, okay?



Since Warzone community already consists of players that either got exiled, left their previous communities, got bored/mad at a specific group of players or simply their communities disappeared/died out, we are not punishing rule breakers as harshly as any other community would, since this community is basically a collection of people who just wants to play the game in all it's glory, even after 15 years of it's release. Our job is to provide a place where people can relax after a hard day of work, and our primary goal is to be the last Freelancer server standing. We will do this as long as we can do it, and our technology allows it.

As of this reason, we have this small list of sanctions that will be passed as judgement:

5.1 Removal of credits.
5.2 Removal of assets. (event rewards, codename weapons, cloaking devices, hyperspatial equipment, etc)
5.3 Removal of characters/accounts.
5.4 Removal of owned bases.
5.5 Removal of rights. (like, stripping the powers of a Guardian if they break rules so many times)
5.6 Ban - this is least likely to happen, but those players who break most of the rules, actively disrupt player interactions and games, attack/destroy bases without a word and try to be a jerk while in game, and still not listening to the administrators, will be banned for an indefinite amount of time. Don't even think about trying to beg for unbanning if you reach this level, because you had your chance. And if you did it once, you will probably do it once again.


Frequently asked questions

How do I request "SRP" or Special Roleplay equipment?

This is requested via our discord server. Alternatively, you may contact one of the administrators or guardians here or on discord and ask for the requirements of the ship or equipment you desire.

How do I make a faction?

To create a faction initially, you may post an information post in the "Unofficial Factions" section of the Faction Zone forum. Before you do this however, you may wish to consult an administrator or guardian to discuss your faction idea and how it would fit in to the server.

Am I allowed to have more than 5 characters using FAM?

Yes, In fact it is encouraged. For any unaware of Freelancer Account Manager, it is available on modDB here. https://www.moddb.com/games/freelancer/downloads/freelancer-account-manager

How do I know what ID to use?

For any characters with a faction IFF, the general rule of thumb is to use the ID provided for that given faction and follow the rules and restrictions listed on it. Otherwise within reason (for example not on a liberty navy character) you may use a generic freelancer ID or generic pirate ID or other things along these lines, rules and restrictions for those IDs applying of course.